About Us


Ayurveda is quickly gaining worldwide recognition as an alternative and complementary form of medicine that is able to give dramatic results in cases where modern medicine is unable to provide solutions. Ayurveda has already been accepted as part of mainstream healthcare in India, Hungary, Russia, UAE, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Nepal. It is the most popular complementary and alternative medicine in Japan. Its benefits for stress relief treatments in developed countries like USA, UK, Germany and Australia are well-recognised.

Global Ayurvedic Centre Pte Ltd has a vision of providing the best Ayurvedic treatment outside of India. Singapore has an excellent geographical location boosted by world-class infrastructure. Since our opening, we have seen a growing number of patients finding relief from a number of ailments that they have been suffering for a long time. We have also seen the number of non-Indian patients grow steadily. We also cater for separate male and female treatment rooms with therapists of the corresponding sex.

Currently, there are a handful of setups in the name of Ayurveda in Singapore but these are more for relaxation and leisure. The kind of approach we intend to take is one that offers comprehensive treatments as well as professional advice on proper eating, living habits, etc. We also intend to pursue an aggressive campaign to generate awareness and knowledge sharing through public seminars, free clinics, and talks to incorporate our efforts to have Ayurvedic treatments as preventive measures. At Global Ayurvedic Centre Pte Ltd, we provide high quality services at affordable rates. This is the cornerstone of our business. Our employees are experienced and highly qualified, with qualifications from some of the most prestigious Ayurvedic schools in Kerala, India. We practice Ayurvedic Physiotherapy in its traditional form and use only genuine therapeutic oils.