Nowadays, overwhelming Global attention is on natural therapies, procedures, and medicines. The Takradhara treatment in Ayurveda which a stream of buttermilk is poured on the specific targeted part, the word “Takra” means buttermilk and “Dhara” means flow.  Takradhara massage in Ayurveda is concentrated on the upper part of the body which includes the head, shoulders and neck, or a specific area of the body depending on the condition faced by the individuals, This medication gets absorbed into the skin after which the healing starts. and we are the leading ayurvedic centre with experienced and certified therapists.

Takradhara treatment is beneficial in the prevention of hair loss and migraines which are caused by Neurological disorders, stress and brain activities. The pain in the facial region of the body is often persistent, lasting for an entire day or even longer displaying a characteristic throbbing, pulsating sensation on one side of the head.

We use 100% natural remedies for oils and herbal extracts, including Bhringraj, Brahmi taila strengthen the hair roots, and the massage improves blood circulation which intends hair growth, relief from stress and prevention of migraines. we use 100% natural herbal remedies according to medical conditions to treat migraines and hair loss.


Increasing workloads have resulted in stress and anxiety, people with physical or emotional shock leads to heavy hair-fall. Massages with buttermilk help improve blood circulation to the scalp thereby repairing and improving the condition of the scalp & promoting sound sleep. The person will be lying down on the table with his head resting on the elevation at the head end before the main dhara procedure. The dhara stand will be placed vertically near the head end. Dhara vessel is placed properly above the head end with a cotton wick on it the height of at least 2 feet should maintain. The prepared takra is placed in a vessel and heated continuously in a medium flame and is placed in the dhara vessel.on cooling down the oil should be replaced simultaneously and Continuously pour over the forehead. The procedure should continue for 45 to 60 min.


It solely depends on the individuals’ medical condition, Depending on the Vata and Pitta Dosha of the body, the duration shall be determined. For effective results, we suggest a continuous 1-week treatment daily. Takradhara therapy is done usually in the morning and evening time between 5-7. It shall be followed by periodic treatments which enable oneself to concentrate only on their work and lifestyle without any fear about their health.


When a healthy person undergoes Thakradhara therapy, it has a preventive effect on the body and it helps in detoxification and bringing the equilibrium state of health. Thakradhara is one among the  Panchakarma procedure that is widely utilized in the management of various chronic diseases, Takra Dhara benefits in the following conditions as hair fall, Premature greying of hairs, migraines, Klama –fatigue, anxiety, and depression, etc. Takradhara treatments stimulate these Marmas and improve circulation; Thereby improving their circulation, which improves the blood circulation of the brain. Our treatment improves the higher intellectual functions as the forehead is the vital point consisting of nerve endings, stimulating them, promoting healing that helps with hair growth and smoother Massages with regular medicated oils helps improve blood circulation to the scalp thereby repairing and improving the condition of the scalp & promote sound sleep. The main benefits of thakradhara treatment are that it acts on the entire system it calms down unusual brain activities thus helping in reducing stress and igniting mental creativity. Ayurveda is all about bringing balance to our lives and practising it as a lifestyle.

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