Renovate Every Marma With Rheumavedic Abhyanga

 Renovate Every Marma With Rheumavedic Abhyanga

Abhyanga Influence on Ayurvedic Lifestyle

Abhyanga is the most popular and widely used massage in Ayurveda, Ayurveda literally means the science of life. Ayurvedic health not only refers to freedom from illness or any physical diseases but also harmony and wellbeing in leading a moral life. There are many types of abhyanga in Ayurveda and each one has its separate benefits and they differ from each other on results and targeted body parts. Our human body has 107 marmas or vital points. Our marmas are where energy or “prana” resides. By giving massages on the vital points, they get revived and bring out fresh positive energy. Thereby it plays a major role in protection, rejuvenating, and increasing the immunity towards environmental changes and other influence factors. Rheumavedic abhyanga is one of the most beneficial Abhyanga or in smaller words the Best Abhyanga massage in Ayurveda which is ideal for both men and women no matter what age they are. Apart from some procedural steps, Rheumavedic Abhyanga is very similar to Shirodhara therapy but ingredients in herbal oils are completely different in both Ayurvedic therapies.

Rheumavedic Abhyanga nourishes senses of the mind, boosts immunity, lubricates joints, and is very effective when targeted on special body parts such as the neck, legs, head, etc. You can opt for Full body massage for overcoming nervous problems, improved vision, stress, and anxiety. Rheumavedic massage is the best Abhyanga treatment people pick to get relief from these illnesses.

Rheuvavedic Abhyanga Procedure

Ayurvedic trainers play a significant role in any massages or treatment, satisfied results work like a charm when trained and experienced hands just lay on yourself. We are the best providers of Abhyanga because our Ayurvedic center has skilled therapists who have years of experience in Ayurvedic health services. Our Rheumavedic abhyanga procedure includes :

  • Gentle strokes over the targeted body part
  • Deep rotatory motions
  • Mild tapping and vibrations
  • Submissive movement techniques for joint
  • Kneading
  • Mild stimulation with fingers

Early morning or evening massages where slight warm oil with other ingredients are applied to the targeted body parts for the most effective results. Full body massages require special ingredients herbal oils. Rheumavedic Abhyanga massage duration is 30 minutes and can be taken up to an hour depending on the medical condition of the person undergoing the treatment. Rheumavedic course is said to be a minimum of 7 days and can be extended to 25 at maximum as it also depends on the health conditions of the person. The ideal time for this massage is taken in the morning and evening between 6 – 8 for getting the best results. 

Benefits of Rheumavedic massage

Getting a Rheumavedic massage from Global Ayurvedic Centre will be the best abhyanga therapy session you have ever attended because we always made sure our customers are 100% satisfied with our services and we serve for personal improvement and wellbeing giving quality care via Ayurvedic treatments. Rheumavedic Abhyanga benefits in increasing circulation within the body, especially to the nerve endings, Rheumavedic herbal oil massage serves to restore a healthy glow to your skin also. Regular massage sessions help in making muscles of your body firmer, toned, and tight. another important factor why everyone chooses Rhuemavedic therapy is it is very effective towards eliminating toxins that appear in the form of impurities on the skin, The special oil hydrates the skin and helps in making it soft making your skin anti-aging features and moreover, Rheumavedic massage helps in bringing balance to mind, body, and soul.

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