How Effective Is Ksheeradhara Treatment?

 How Effective Is Ksheeradhara Treatment?

Introduction to Ksheeradhara

Ksheeradhara is one of the most practiced Ayurvedic treatments in Ayurveda. Ksheeradhara means “flow of milk”. Ksheeradhara treatment in Ayurveda includes a continuous flow of herbal milk over the targeted part of massage or head and body. It is quite similar to Shirodhara treatment in Ayurveda, but Ksheeradhara has a more cooling effect on the body, and due to that ksheeradhara treatment is highly recommended during the summer months or in circumstances where our body is in need of relaxing or cooling effects.

The herbal milk made from our experienced ayurvedic therapists which are poured on your body as a part of treatment acts as a moisturizer that helps in relieving hypertension or stress, anxiety, and tension. Ksheeradhara Ayurvedic treatment is very beneficial for skin and hair care as it really works because it also helps in enhancing your skin’s glow, this simple yet effective process is ideal for patients who are suffering from Vata and Pitta dominance, migraines, stress, and insomnia. Our ksheeradhara treatment is done with milk (Ksheera) where cow’s milk or buffalo’s milk is used along with various herbs are added to make the milk completely medicinal and effective for the illness. Ksheeradhara is considered an important therapy session among Ayurvedic treatments and measures for the sufferings. If Ksheeradhara is done for a targeted part like the head alone is called Shirodhara, if it is done for the whole body except the head, it is called Sarvangadhara. At the first step, our medicinal oil is applied to the head then after that, warm medicated milk is poured from a certain height in a rhythmic manner to the specific area and is rubbed into the body to treat the ailment. The therapy is practiced for a period of 7 to 21 days.

Ksheeradhara Ayurvedic Treatment benefits:

  • Provides relief from fatigue
  • Helps boost memory
  • Relaxes the nervous system and helps with stress relief
  • Enhances your digestives process and prevents indigestion
  • Improves energy, mental clarity, physical strength, and vitality
  • Reduces migraine frequency
  • Restores dosha balance
  • Hair loss and premature greying
  • Skin glow
  • Lubrication of joints

We offer Ksheeradhara treatment therapy which is known for its incredibly cooling effects and immunity factors on the body. As mentioned before, the summer months remain the perfect time for this treatment. It’s highly suggested for people who have hair loss and skin issues, as well as for people who suffer from stress. In Ksheeradhara Ayurvedic treatment, a thin strip of cloth (varthi) is tied around the head just above the eyebrows. Then, medicated milk is heated till it becomes lukewarm. This lukewarm milk is used for slow and continuous massage. It helps in stimulating and soothing the hypothalamus, helping in regulating the functions of the pituitary gland with inducing sleep and mental calmness. Ksheeradhara over full-body helps in cooling and relaxing the body improving blood circulation and relaxing the entire nervous system. You can easily conclude that ksheeradhara enables the body and mind to experience a state of deep rest and peace.

Ksheeradhara Ayurvedic Treatment Procedure

Starts with an Abhyangam in the head with medicated oil for 5-10 mins, then he or she is made to lie down in a supine position, a small pillow could be placed under the head for comfort. Ears plugged, forehead tied with gauze covered with cotton pads dipped in rose water to avoid leakages or spills towards eyes and ears. Then lukewarm medicated oil is poured into the dhara vessel that is placed above the forehead which falls from a height of 4 fingers with a continuous stream over the glabellar region and gently oscillated in between. The medicated milk will flow from the forehead to the scalp and hair accompanied by a gentle relaxing massage with mild pressures to the head. The total time for the procedure is considered as 30 to 40 mins and it may go up to an hour based on the person’s medical conditions. After the treatment, their head is wiped out with a towel and opted for a hot water bath that can be taken after an hour. After the bath applies medicated powder over the scalp.


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