Nethra Tharpanam Treatment And Its Benefits

 Nethra Tharpanam Treatment And Its Benefits

Our daily activities depend on our eyes performance. We do these things as we see and understand. Visual information is thus converted into several functions. It also indicates that the eye is under constant pressure from performance and stress. The fast-paced world of competition has prompted everyone to spend more time with screens. Sometimes it can give you headaches, tired dull eyes, dark circles and computer vision syndrome! Bring back the lost lightning in your eyes with the natural healing touch of Ayurveda. The most satisfying eye treatment in Ayurveda is Nethra tharpanam.

Nethra Tharpanam Treatment:

When eye health is better, we experience the world’s colourful performance. But when the eye is blinded by one disease or another, we feel that we are cursed at the top list. In today’s world of computers and gadgets, eye strain and stress are common.

Ayurveda offers the best time trial solutions for eye problems and eye strain. For treating eye and vision-related diseases, Nethra tharpanam is the main procedure. 

Nethra tharpanam contains two Sanskrit words in which Nethra means eyes and tharpana means nourishment.  It is a special treatment for eye ailments. This is the nourishing procedure for the oleation of eyes where lukewarm medicated ghee is retained over the eyes inside a specially designed cabinet made of black gram flour. Here are some benefits of Nethra tharpanam.

Nethra Tharpanam Treatment

Benefits of Nethra tharpanam:

The benefits of Nethra tharpanam comes from the way it works. Medicated ghee is also known as clarified butter used in this treatment reaches the inner eye systems. Due to the lipophilic nature of ghee, it helps to carry active herbal compounds through the cornea to the eye structures, where it begins to provide benefits. Here are some key benefits of  Netra Tarpana.

1.Dry Eyes Problem:

The main reason for dryness in the eye is using a computer or mobile phone for hours without looking somewhere else. Dryness also occurs due to the absence of proper lubrication in the eyes. Dry eyes can also be symptoms of other diseases. Nethra Tharpanam Treatment provides proper nutrition, and lubrication to all parts of the eyes to reduce problems related to dry eyes.

2. Painful and burning eyes:

Giving Excessive stress to the eyes or contact with dust and dirt can sometimes cause pain and a burning sensation in the eyes. For such problems, it is necessary to clean the eyes regularly. Netra tarpana can be used not only to improve vision but also as a preventive measure for common problems like eye pain.

3. Recurring Eye infections:

Eye infections such as conjunctivitis, keratitis, blepharitis and the entry of foreign objects into the eyes are most common. Most of these infections are caused by contact with dust, dirt or bacteria. Redness of the eyes, swelling and pain in the eyelids and excessive watering in the eyes are the common symptoms of eye infections. Netra tarpana is highly beneficial for recurrent eye infections. The medicated ghee with special herbs possesses anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties to cure such recurring eye infections.

4. Computer Vision Syndrome:

This problem is very common in this modern and digitized era. The prolonged use of computers and mobile phones can cause myopia and hyperopia. The symptoms of this syndrome are redness of the eyes, blurred vision, dry-eyes, excessive watering in the eyes and headache. Netra Tarpana restores vision and reduces the symptoms of computer vision syndrome. The ghee which is medicated with special herbs provides strength to the ocular muscles and reduces muscle tension ensuring smooth movement of the eyes.

5. Glaucoma:

Glaucoma is a disease caused by damage to the optic nerve and loss of vision. The ghee used in treatment penetrates deep into the eye system and gives strength and nourishment. The medication travels from the cornea to all parts of the eye. Netra tarpana helps to repair damage to the internal structure and improve vision.

6. Eye injuries:

Some injuries of the eye may leave a long-term effect on the eyes causing unclear vision, weak eye muscles, blockages in the optic nerve etc. These eye problems can degrade our quality of vision if not treated properly within a certain period of time. Continuous practice of Netra tarpana helps a person regain the original power of muscles and improve vision. Ghee has lipophilic properties, which ensures that the drug is delivered to all cells of the eye membrane. This medication is used to open the blockages and re-strengthen the inner structures.

Above are the main benefits of Netra tarpana. At the Global Ayurvedic Center, Netra tarpana is one of the best treatments which can be done to rejuvenate your eyes. We have over 15 years of experience which makes us the best to offer the required services. Netra tarpana treatment is reliable, harmless, effective, natural and holistic. Our approach helps to prevent the recurrence of eye infections.

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