Say goodbye to body pain with our Vata pacifying thailam treatment

 Say goodbye to body pain with our Vata pacifying thailam treatment

Body aches are one of the most common symptoms we have all faced at least once in our lifetime. Some of these pains may be mild but other’s will be severe. Normally, when we are stuck with pains in areas such as the back, hands, feet, etc, we try out different medications such as painkillers to treat the pain. But these type of treatments comes with side effects which cause newer problems in the future. This is why you need a natural ayurvedic treatment that involves the use of Vata pacifying thailam to deal with such pain. In this article, we explain how this effective procedure helps get rid of body aches.

The root cause of body pains

Body pains can arise from several factors such as toxin build-up, poor blood circulation, stress, an unhealthy lifestyle, lack of exercise, etc. In some cases, body pains may be the initial symptoms of something bigger to happen in your body. However, as per Ayurveda, the root cause of body pains or any other ailments are related to our body energies, known as doshas. A body is in perfect health and well being if the doshas are in balance and an imbalance causes all these issues.

How Vata pacifying thailam is helpful?

Vata pacifying thailam is a herbal oil that is infused with the right natural ingredients as specified by Ayurvedic traditions. It is the application of the oil in the areas affected by pain. As the dosha imbalance causes all these issues, using this effective oil along with our treatment makes the doshas balanced. If you are struggling with body pains, making a consultation at our clinic will help you a lot. As the oil is applied and gets absorbed by the body, its medicinal gets penetrated deep into the tissues.

The procedure works best when it is combined with other ayurvedic treatments such as abhyangam which is an ayurvedic massage. Unlike other types of medicinal liquids, there are no ingredients added for colour or fragrance purposes. Also, as the ingredients are natural and organic, it is free from chemicals which in turn avoids side effects. However, to get the best results, it is recommended to get the oil treatment done from a reputed place like Global Ayurvedic Centre.

The incredible benefits

Using Vata pacifying thailam for treating body aches comes with several advantages in the long run. Also, this oil helps balance the doshas thereby maintaining the energies of the body. Some of the benefits include maintaining joint and bone health, helps reduce muscle cramps, helps women with post-pregnancy pain and a lot more. As the procedure involves applying the oil to the body, this procedure can be effectively used for a body massage. Those people suffering from ailments such as arthritis, facial palsy, neuralgia, & paralysis can benefit from this treatment.

How to avail of this treatment?

Opting for a Vata pacifying thailam treatment is a good choice for getting relief from body pain however, the place where you are going to get the treatment is also important too. There are many ayurvedic clinics in Singapore that provide different treatments which makes it difficult to choose one. But among them, Global Ayurvedic Centre is the best when it comes to quality treatments and improving health conditions. For years, we have been providing a wide range of Ayurvedic treatments to different customers. Our treatments are:

  • Abyangam
  • Shirodhara
  • Takradhara
  • Kashayadhara
  • Nasyam
  • Postnatal therapy

To deliver the best results, we have a team of qualified and experienced ayurvedic practitioners, doctors who understand your ailments and provides the right set of treatment suited to your body. In fact, if you wish to opt for a Vata pacifying thailam treatment for body aches and pains, then Global Ayurvedic Centre is the right place for you. We recommend you to book an appointment with us by contacting us as soon as possible.

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