How Takradhara Treatment Helps In Regaining Your Confidence

 How Takradhara Treatment Helps In Regaining Your Confidence

When you’re undergoing any ayurvedic treatment, it would be starting a journey to practice an ayurvedic lifestyle as well. We are one of the best ayurvedic centres that not only aim to prolong the effectiveness of the treatment but also improve the quality of life as a whole, the ayurvedic practitioners are highly trained and competent in providing information on how to best implement ayurvedic practices and diets in daily life. Our delicate services coupled with regular ayurvedic treatments can cause great relief from numerous bodily alignments too. Ayurveda works from the inside out, therefore any person undergoing ayurvedic treatment can see improvement in mental, physical, and spiritual health as well. Global ayurvedic Singapore is one of the best clinics to avail of ayurvedic services in Singapore done by the best in the field.

All our treatments and therapies are carried out in an authentic manner with delicate care and compassion. the word Takra stands for buttermilk, and Dhara means continuous flow! takradhara therapy is performed very similarly to Shirodhara. Ayurveda always insists on taking buttermilk which has a cooling effect and soothing properties to the body with a lot of additional benefits too. Takradhara is a specially prescribed treatment that couples with a full body massage with herbal buttermilk which is being poured over the forehead in a rhythmic stream. The use of specially formulated buttermilk, infused with more than 10 Ayurvedic herbs,  is proposed to purify toxins, stimulate the endocrine system and enhance blood circulation for boosting cognitive abilities. One of the major Takradhara benefits is diabetic neuropathy. Buttermilk has tremendous cooling properties and other preventive qualities making it the ideal liquid to help relax the mind and reduce mental stress.

This Treatment Is Often Recommended For Those Suffering From:

  • Insomnia
  • Skin disorders
  • Stress and nervous tension
  • Digestive issues

Our treatment will start with a soothing foot soak while our Ayurvedic trainers begin massaging the head, shoulders, and around the neck. After hopping up to our beautifully carved wooden massage bed, you will be able to enjoy a full body massage using warm herbal oils that penetrate deeply through the skin into your tissues and muscles. As traditional Indian healing music plays softly in the background, the Takradhara will begin with a continuous stream of warm, herbal buttermilk will be poured over your forehead as you alternately doze with rhythmic massages that help in reconnect with yourself. Our specially designed meditation space is where guests can sip freshly brewed tea and rest quietly as their body, mind, and soul recalibrate after the treatment for the best takradhara benefits.

Numerous Benefits Of Takradhara Massage

  • Overcoming stress and calms the nervous system
  • Prevention for insomnia, anxiety, and chronic headaches
  • Boosts mental creativity
  • Improves memory and cognitive abilities
  • Rejuvenates the face and worry lines
  • Increases spiritual awareness

In the modern world of digitalized technology-based nature increased screen time consumption, vision defects and chronic headaches have been common among users. Takradhara helps in maintaining eye health/vision. Eye health is of the utmost importance and since working professionals stare at screens most of the day, it is absolutely essential to take steps to counter the action of excessive UV, UB blue light exposure. Depending on the exposure to gadgets, our trained doctors will recommend the frequency of therapy after the proper study and analysis that you require. Our delicate care and quality services made Global ayurvedic centre one of the best ayurvedic centres in singapore.

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