Is Takradhara Ayurvedic Treatment good for Hair fall?

 Is Takradhara Ayurvedic Treatment good for Hair fall?

Hair fall, Takradhara Therapy in Ayurveda dandruff issues are something we all have trouble with. Even with using different shampoos, oils or medications, the results may slightly improve or become worse than excepted. However, did you know that getting a Takradhara Ayurvedic Treatment can help with hair fall, dandruff problems?. If you didn’t then you are at the right place. Ayurveda has several proven treatments for a variety of illnesses and conditions that include hair care. Being an ancient form of medicine, the treatments are natural, safe and helps improve health over time. Getting a Takradhara from a renowned ayurvedic clinic like Global Ayurvedic Centre will provide relief.

 A unique ayurvedic treatment

If you are familiar with the Shirodhara treatment, then Takradhara is similar to that in terms of application however, instead of oil, warm medicated buttermilk is poured on the forehead or over the entire body continuously. Takra means buttermilk and dhara mean flow hence the treatment. Just like Shirodhara, the treatment is aimed to provide natural relief and relaxation to the body and mind through internal healing. Conditions such as stress, anxiety, migraines and even hair fall, scalp problems are resolved with ease. At Global Ayurvedic Centre, the Takradhara Therapy in Ayurveda is usually done in three stages.

The first one is known as Purva karma or pre-treatment procedure which involves identifying the patient’s problem, body type (doshas), existing health conditions, diseases, counselling sessions and setting up the treatment. The second stage is known as Pradhana karma or the day of the procedure. On this day, the patient’s vitals are checked and ensured they are fit for the procedure. If any issues are found, the treatment is postponed to a later stage. The third stage is Paschat karma or post-treatment.

The healing procedure

The Takradhara Ayurvedic Treatment can be done for the head, entire body or a specific area of the body depending on the problem faced by the patient. As this is about hair fall issues, let us focus on the forehead. Just like Shirodhara, the patient is asked to lie down with a vessel placed directly above their forehead. The therapist opens the vessel end and the warm buttermilk starts pouring. The vessel is moved by the therapist in a rhythmic motion so that it reaches all the sections.

The medication gets absorbed into the skin after which the healing starts. The practitioner makes sure that the buttermilk is not wasted and the excess contents are wiped with a cloth. As the forehead is the vital point that consists of nerve endings, stimulating them promotes healing that helps with hair growth, improves blood circulation and scalp health thereby reducing dandruff formation. If are suffering from hair fall, greying of hair, scalp problems, then a Takradhara is a better option for you.

To get the best results, it is advisable to get the treatment periodically along with maintaining a healthy diet. When compared with other medications, the treatment is natural and there are no sort of side effects in this treatment and are affordable too which makes it a viable alternative for treating your problems. 

Why do it at Global Ayurvedic Centre?

That’s an interesting question as there are many ayurvedic clinics in Singapore offering Takradhara Therapy in Ayurveda and other procedures so, why us?. Well, we all wish to get the treatment done from a well-known health clinic, right?. Global Ayurvedic Centre is one such ayurvedic clinic offering the best natural health care treatments and procedures since 2004. Our treatments provide relief to a variety of illnesses and medical conditions. We have a team of qualified ayurvedic doctors, therapists and practitioners for doing the treatments. By booking an appointment, you will experience the natural ayurvedic treatments and procedures that make your body and mind refreshed.

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