Ayurvedic Consultation

Ayurveda is a comprehensive method of natural science, and includes exhaustive assessment and examination of natural, physiological and mental elements of the patient’s, body, psyche and soul. Having a transparent relationship with your Ayurveda doctor is a significant advance in Ayurveda. Sharing all your physical and enthusiastic concerns enables your primary care physician to distinguish the key manifestations, ailment and potential underlying drivers of unevenness (disease) and decide reasonable Ayurvedic treatment choices.

Osteoarthritis In Ayurveda

Ayurvedic treatment incorporates a broad investigation of your own and clinical history, way of life, propensities, calling and working conditions, everyday diet, wellness schedules and psychological well-being by the ayurvedic practitioner. 

The Ayurvedic assessment for the cases involve 3 processes: 

Darshanam (Observation): The practitioner will completely notice the patient’s body form and developments, and characteristics of the skin, eyes, facial lines, nose, lips, hair and nails. These will enable the doctor to assess the overall actual soundness of the patient 

Prashnam (Questions): Be set up to straightforwardly and sincerely share all your wellbeing concerns. The Ayurvedic doctor will pose various inquiries about your medical issue, protests, manifestations, day by day schedules just as mental conditions. 

Sparsham (Touch): Sparsha includes touching (akotana) or tuning in to the sounds made by the inner organs (shrvanaa). It includes an analysis of heartbeat (nadi pariksha), tongue and nails. 

The primary focal point of this customary and profoundly powerful medication is to recognize and treat the patient’s tridosha (vata, pitta and kapha) irregularity and the main driver of an illness, instead of simply the indications. As needs are, your doctor may suggest a redid and customized Ayurvedic recovery dinacharya (day by day activities) and ritucharya (occasional activities) including therapies, treatments, drugs, sustenance, diet, way of life, propensities and wellness systems. 

The Ayurvedic medicines, prescription and oils which might be recommended will assist with mitigating the body’s irregularity and keep up better wellbeing will be resolved and detailed dependent on the analysis of the patient’s body and psyche constitution, age, sex and climate. Ayurveda recommends pathyam (follow a strict diet and daily routines) proper followup and cooperation of the patient for complete progress and quick recuperation.

No machine and extractions are done. It Is Absolutely A Natural Way