Abhyanga Special Prices: Enjoy Your Diwali Gift With Family!

 Abhyanga Special Prices: Enjoy Your Diwali Gift With Family!

As the festival of lights fills our hearts and lives with joy and sweetness, the Global Ayurvedic Centre (GAC) in Singapore has come up with a special gift  – Abhyanga Special Prices, to enhance the celebration. On this auspicious occasion of Diwali, gift your loved ones the ticket to immerse themselves in the soothing and rejuvenating Ayurvedic therapy sessions with GAC Therapy Stamp Card.

Pamper yourself with the age-old treatments and therapies of Ayurveda and purify your body and mind in the serene environment of the Global Ayurvedic Centre. 

Ayurvedic Therapy Sessions: A Gateway to Wellness 

Global Ayurvedic Centre is renowned for its commitment to providing the best Panchakarma Treatment and Ayurvedic Therapy Sessions, and this Diwali season is no exception. We want to show our love and gratitude to our dearest customers by offering Ayurvedic Therapy Sessions at the most affordable prices and are presenting an exclusive offer through two distinctive cards: the Wellness Card and the Treatment Card.

Wellness Card: An effective price for every 5th Session by saving effectively S$60 on our Abhyanga Loyalty Card with validity for a period of five (5) months from the date of issuance.

Treatment Card: An effective price for every 3rd Session by saving effectively S$60 on our Treatment Loyalty Card with validity for a period of five (5) months and four (4) months from the date of issuance.

Abhyanga – Ayurvedic Massage Therapy: 

This ayurvedic warm oil massage therapy rejuvenates your body, mind, and soul. The rhythmic strokes with herbal oils stimulate blood circulation, relax muscles, and promote detoxification.

Different types of Abhyanga therapies targeting various health benefits are offered at Global Ayurvedic Centre. The various Abhyanga therapies arranged at GAC for the customers are:

      • Rheumavedic Abhyanga – Ayurvedic body massage Therapy with Poultice: 

    This unique therapy combines the soothing effects of Abhyanga with the power of herbal poultices. This remedy proves highly effective in relieving body stiffness and alleviating painful joints that are commonly associated with back pain, arthritis, slipped discs, lumbar spondylosis, and sciatica. 

        • Shiro Abhyanga – Head, Neck, and Shoulder Massage with Poultice: 

      Focusing on the head, neck, and shoulder areas, this therapy relieves physical and mental stress, enhances blood circulation, improves mental clarity, promotes sleep, and nourishes your hair.

          • Greeva Abhyanga – Neck and Shoulder Massage with Poultice: 

        This treatment is highly efficient in addressing stiff neck, cervical degeneration, Spinal stenosis, vertigo, and similar conditions. Greeva Abhyanga is perfect for desk-bound professionals, as it eases neck, shoulder, and upper limb tension.

            • Prishta Abhyanga – Lower Back and Legs Massage with Poultice: 

          Suffering from lower back pain? Try this Ayurvedic therapy. This back and shoulder ayurvedic massage offers relief from chronic back pain, muscle spasms, and sciatica.

              • Paadha Abhyanga – Foot Massage with Poultice: 

            Your feet deserve love too! This treatment relaxes the feet, eases pain, and induces deep relaxation.

                • Rheumavedic Abhyanga with Kativasti:  

              For those with lower back issues, this combination provides relief from painful joints related to back pain, stiffness, and slip discs.

                  • Rheumavedic Abhyanga with Steam: 

                Steam enhances the therapeutic effects of Rheumavedic Abhyanga, ensuring that your body gets the care it deserves. This product is beneficial for promoting weight loss, reducing fat, easing cramps, alleviating sprains, relieving swelling, and more.

                Wellness Card:

                We are happy to announce our new discounted prices! With our Wellness Card, you can save up to 50% on Abhyanga Sessions. The magic happens on the 5th and 10th sessions, where you can enjoy a remarkable 50% discount. Abhyanga is not just a massage; it’s a gateway to inner harmony and vitality. So, why wait? Revitalize your whole being with this soothing and relaxing therapy.  

                GAC Diwali Special Offer Wellness Card

                5th Session 50% OFF Five Month Validity   

                10th Session 50% OFF Five Month Validity

                Medicated Services

                These services at Global Ayurvedic Centre target specific ailments and follow the ancient techniques mentioned in the Ayurvedic scriptures to provide maximum benefits to our clients. A comprehensive range of medicated services including the best Panchakarma Treatment in Singapore are offered at our clinic in Singapore for various physical and mental discomforts:

                    • Kativasti (Lumbar Oil Pouch):  Ideal for lower back pain, stiffness, slip disc, sciatica, lumbar spondylos

                      • Greeva Vasti (Neck Oil Pouch):  Effective in alleviating neck pain and discomfort.

                        • Urovasti (Chest Oil Pouch):  Beneficial for chest congestion and respiratory issues. Efficient in toning the muscles located in the chest area, strengthens both the cardiac muscles and lungs, facilitates the recovery of any injured muscles in these regions.

                          • Januvasti (Knee Oil Pouch):  Soothes knee pain, rheumatism and arthritis.

                            • Shirodhara:  The gentle pouring of warm oil on the forehead to calm and soothe the mind and promote mental wellness. Reduces high blood pressure, hormone Imbalance, treats anxiety and depression, sleep problems, helps with migraines, and all nervous disorders

                              • Takradhara:  A variation of Shirodhara, this uses medicated buttermilk to address stress and insomnia. Also, effectively eliminates dandruff and provides a solution for various skin concerns such as eczema and psoriasis, among others.

                                • Ksheeradhara:  This specific panchakarma therapy medicated milk is applied on both head and body as an external treatment that enhances skin health and induces relaxation.

                                  • Kashayadhara: Medicated herbal decoctions are poured over the body to detoxify and rejuvenate in this therapy.

                                    • Global Ayurvedic Special:  Tailored therapy for individual ailments.

                                      • Nasyam:  Effective for sinusitis, headaches, and respiratory issues.

                                        • Netratarpanam:  Revitalize your eyes with this treatment for dark circles and eye discomfort.

                                          • Udwarthanam (Localized Powder Massage):  A therapeutic treatment for cellulite and weight loss.

                                            • Udwarthanam (Whole Body Powder Massage):  Ideal for exfoliating the skin and promoting circulation.

                                              • Pizhichil (Localized Oil Dripping):  A therapy that involves dripping warm oil onto the body for healing.

                                                • Pizhichil (Whole Body Oil Dripping):  A rejuvenating and healing therapy.

                                                  • Postnatal Therapy:  Tailored for new mothers to restore vitality and balance.

                                                    • Eye Massage for Dark Circles:  Targeted therapy for refreshing tired eyes.

                                                      • Herbal Face Pack:  A natural solution for improving skin texture.

                                                        • Ayurvedic Facial:  A holistic facial treatment that promotes skin health.

                                                          • Herbal Body Scrub:  Exfoliation for radiant and soft skin.

                                                            • Scalp Scrub for Hair Growth:  Addressing issues related to hair growth.

                                                          Treatment Card:

                                                          Your loyalty stamp card, the Treatment Card, offers enormous savings on medicated services at GAC. You can save S$10 on your third session, S$20 on your sixth session, and a whopping S$30 off your ninth appointment for all medicated services when you claim this card.

                                                          GAC Diwali Special Offer Treatment Card

                                                          3rd Session S$10 OFF (Effective Price S$10) Five Month Validity

                                                          6th Session $20 OFF (Effective Price S$10+ S$20) Four Month Validity

                                                          9th Session S$30 OFF (Effective Price S$10+ S$20 + S$30) Four Month Validity

                                                          Terms and Conditions

                                                          Loyalty Card Discount Validity: All Loyalty Card Discounts are valid for a period of five (5) months from the date of issuance.

                                                          Non-Transferable Spending Service: The amount accrued through our spending service is not transferable to other accounts or individuals.

                                                          Membership Loyalty Redemption: Membership Loyalty points can be redeemed in conjunction with all available discounts.

                                                          ADD ONS

                                                          Our sessions have a duration increased for customized Ailments, the rate varies accordingly and will be explained before the treatment by the physician.

                                                          Case to case ( according to ailments)

                                                          > Enhanced time 1/2 hr Add S$30

                                                          > Pichu(oil pouch) S$15-S$30 (depending upon the ailment)

                                                          > Thalam(Herbal pack on the head) S$15

                                                          > Oil bandage S$15

                                                          > Local steam S$15


                                                          Visit the Global Ayurvedic Centre now and experience the profound invigorating and relaxing therapies offered by our accomplished practitioners. Reap the benefits when you can get Abhyanga Special Prices!

                                                          Book your sessions with the Wellness and Treatment Cards and begin your journey to a healthier and balanced you. A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. So, hurry up and grab the opportunity! This Diwali, embrace the gift of Ayurveda to treat yourself better.

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