The Best Ayurveda Therapies for Hair Loss

 The Best Ayurveda Therapies for Hair Loss

Hair loss is a common but critical problem faced by people of different age groups. Good hair is a sign of good health. Diminishing physical and mental well-being is reflected in hair. If you are in the Middle Ages, receding hairline might be one of your grave concerns. Youngsters are also experiencing the same issue. 

Ayurvedha Therapies For Hair Growth

Even people who are from a prosperous background, have a tough time battling hair loss. Buying every product released in the market will only make the companies rich. Oftentimes the products intended to promote hair growth, have the most dangerous components that result in hair damage. This keeps people confused as to how to deal with this problem. This is where Ayurvedic therapies, which have no side effects, have more significance.  

Recently, people are more gravitating towards natural solutions rather than opting for chemical alternatives. If you are also struggling with hair loss issues and want to find solutions from the age-old practices of Ayurveda, you can visit the Global Ayurvedic Centre. The Global Ayurvedic Centre can help you with even extreme hair loss problems. 

Generally, we associate women with hair loss. However, men have more serious concerns. Getting bald in the mid-twenties or thirties is one of the nightmares men usually have. Hair loss affects facial beauty and causes confidence issues. People with hair loss become conscious while interacting with other people. Though this is a common concern, the causes that trigger this might be different. 

Causes of hair loss

There can be various causes of hair loss. The main cause of hair loss is stress and genetics. It can also be caused by hormonal imbalances. Unless we identify the real causes behind hair loss, we cannot address the issue. Some of the causes of hair loss are:

Whata causes Hair Fall

  • Stress and anxiety

In these modern times, everyone is running after targets. If you are in a competitive professional field, work-life balance might be the last thing you think about. Personal health and peace of mind will be compromised. And stress can cause hair thinning and loss. With high stress and anxiety, you might get extreme hair loss.

  • Hormonal imbalances:

Hormonal imbalances may occur during pregnancy and menopause, and also during certain medical conditions such as thyroid and polycystic ovarian syndrome. When estrogen and progesterone level drops, the production of male hormone, androgen increases. This causes hair follicles to shrink and become thin.

  • Poor sleep:

Lack of sleep causes a reduction in melatonin, which in turn causes hair to fall.

  • Chemicals

The use of certain chemical substances can disrupt the normal balance of the human body and cause weakness of hair roots. This may lead to hair fall. 

  • Genetics:

Some people have hereditary hair fall. If their parents or any relatives have hair loss issues, they might also experience the same. 

  • Diet:

A diet with poor nutrition can cause hair loss. A diet without iron, zink, and selenium can cause anemia, poor scalp health and ultimately result in hair loss. Lack of biotin causes hair to be brittle and leads to hair fall. Excess Vitamin A also results in hair loss. 

  • Medical conditions:

Certain medical conditions may cause hair loss. Medications used in treating certain medical conditions such as depression, cancer, arthritis, heart problems, etc., cause loss of hair. People who practice a sudden diet for quick weight loss may also experience hair loss.

  • Environmental factors:

Excessive exposure to sunlight causes brittle and thin hair. Smoke interferes with the growth of certain proteins which causes thin and lifeless hair dust particles in the air lead to scalp infections.

Ayurvedic therapies provided by the Global Ayurvedic Centre for hair loss are:

Global Ayurvedic Centre offers several Ayurvedic therapies to address hair loss. You can choose the best ayurvedic therapy for hair loss among them.


Shirodhara is an ayurvedic head massage in which warm oil is poured over the head to induce relaxation. The oil seeps into the scalp and nourishes the hair. The oils used in the ayurvedic massage moisturize and nourish the scalp and hair follicles. These oils are edible and toxin-free. Shirodhara can be used to prevent hair loss and also manage existing hair issues. It can help with dandruff. This Ayurvedic head massage therapy can also be helpful for people with dry or brittle hair. This is one of the best ayurvedic therapy for hair loss.

Shiro Abhyanga:

Shiro Abhyanga is an Ayurvedic head massage (including the complete upper body). Such an ayurvedic massage nourishes hair follicles and helps with dandruff and dry and itching scalp. It not only stimulates hair growth but also helps in hair graying. Regular Shiro Abhyanga can make significant changes in hair growth.


Nasyam is one of the important Ayurvedic procedures of Panchakarma. If properly done, it detoxifies the ear, eyes, and nose. Nasyam, when administered regularly, boosts hair growth and strengthens the root hair. 


Herb-infused buttermilk is poured continuously over the forehead. The buttermilk has cooling effects. Along with other benefits, Takradhara helps with premature hair. It also prevents hair fall. The medicated oils make the scalp smooth and remove dandruff and scalp irritation.

Scalp scrub for hair growth:

This scrub is done exclusively for accelerated hair growth. The scalp is massaged with herbal oils and then scrubbed using herbal powder. This opens up the blocked hair follicles and promotes hair growth. 

Ayurvedha Therapies For Hair Growth

Hair loss can be annoying. It can affect your confidence and self-esteem. Without proper management, the situation can be aggravated. However, with the help of experienced Ayurvedic practitioners, you don’t need to worry. If you want to reap the benefits of Kerala Ayurveda for your hair fall problem, then you must visit the Global Ayurvedic Centre. The Global Ayurvedic Centre will provide you with the best Ayurvedic therapy for hair loss. 

At the Global Ayurvedic Centre, we first try to find the root cause of the problem. Only addressing the underlying issue can altogether remove the problem. If you have hair fall, it may be because of various reasons. Some people get hair loss hereditary. Some people develop hair loss due to extreme stress, anxiety, and lifestyle choices. Whatever the reason, the Global Ayurvedic Centre can help you with this. With years of experience and trained professionals, we provide personalized services after conducting a thorough medical check-up. 

Hope all your queries are answered. If you want any more clarifications you can visit our website or call us or drop us a mail.

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