TAKRADHARA is one of the most popular ayurvedic procedures that promote effective healing to the body and mind. The therapy is similar to Shirodhara, and Ksheeradhara therapies in terms of application but there are a few differences. The therapy involves pouring warm medicated buttermilk from a vessel onto the forehead of the patient in a rhythmic motion. This ensures that the milk reaches all sides of the forehead. Takradhara therapy is best known in Ayurveda for its cooling properties which makes it an ideal detoxification therapy. At Global Ayurvedic Centre, our Takradhara benefits are stress reduction, improved skin health, better stimulation of the nerve endings on the forehead, and more.


Getting authentic Takradhara therapy from Global Ayurvedic Centre is a great way to boost your health, feel relaxed and rejuvenated. The therapy name is derived from Sanskrit words “Takra” which means milk and “dhara” means flow. At Global Ayurvedic Centre, the patient is initially given a massage session to make them relaxed and then the therapy is administered by our ayurvedic therapists in a professional environment by following the right ayurvedic traditions. They ensure that the liquid is directed towards the region between the eyebrow as this point stimulates the pituitary gland. Our Takradhara benefits the patient both physically and mentally thereby resulting in a better quality of life.
At Global Ayurvedic Centre, our affordable remedies and therapies are provided to improve the patient’s health and well being and our doctors and qualified staff ensure the same. When it comes to remedies, a Takradhara session is one of the simple and powerful healing therapies recommended for people with stress, fatigue and related issues. Even though our therapies provide relief, it is generally advised to follow an ayurvedic lifestyle when undergoing our remedies to get long-lasting benefits. The Takradhara benefits are plenty if done the right way. By booking for a consultation session, our doctors will give an idea about Ayurveda and explain the benefits of this therapy.


For all the people who are leading a stressful life, Takradhara therapy can be an ideal choice. Our service provided by experts is focused on rejuvenating your mind and body. Proper selection of ayurvedic herbs is done based on the dosha imbalance of the patient. The systematic application of the same will cool your forehead and make you relaxed. The duration of therapy is one hour and the number of days of therapy will be prescribed by our specialist. The incorporation of massage along with the application of medicated buttermilk is effective in stimulating the marma points and making you feel happy.


With a disciplined ayurvedic lifestyle practiced while and after undergoing the Takradhara therapy, all your stress and fatigue can be controlled. By the cooling properties of specially prepared medicated buttermilk, we are confident in making you feel relaxed. Therapy provided by Global Ayurvedic Centre is capable of rewarding you with a total refreshment for your body and soul. The intention of our service is to boost your overall wellness. Our experts will provide proper counseling sessions before therapy to prepare you mentally. Contact us immediately to make an appointment.

Total Duration

60 Minutes / Session

Prescribed as

3 Sessions / 6 Sessions / 9 Sessions by Doctor

Stamp Card Price

Save effectively - S$705 for 9 sessions

The total price is effective when you complete the total no.of sessions. Stamp Card Price payment has to be made for each session individually.