lower back pain massage oil

Body massage with Ayurvedic herbal oil suitable for the body types and ailments followed by a massage with hot herbal poultice prepared with healing herbs. This will be followed by a special tank of dough made in the lower back (Lumbosacral Region) which is filled with herbal oil for 20 minutes. Lower back pains can cause great discomfort and pain on the body especially when performing tasks such as bending, walking, or sleeping. Opting for a lower back pain massage oil along with a Kativasthi procedure helps relieve the symptoms caused by lower back pain. Global Ayurvedic Centre is known for its exceptional ayurvedic health care services. To deliver the best results, we combine and perform certain treatments. If people choose an abhyanga with Kativasti treatment, it will be started with a lukewarm oil massage which is followed by a natural kativasti session. The benefits of oil massage on the body include better immunity, improved muscle function and joint mobility, stress relief, and much more.


Ayurvedic treatments for diseases focus on seeking out the root cause of the problem and promote effective and natural healing. Lower back pains arise from Vata dosha imbalances and our lower back pain massage oil treatments and therapies balance the doshas and rejuvenate the body. At Global Ayurvedic Centre, our doctors provide an abhyanga session to make the patient’s body relaxed which is then followed by a Kati vasti treatment that effectively helps the removal of toxins. Even though the benefits of oil massage on body include improved immunity and health, following a healthy lifestyle is recommended along with our treatments to maintain the results for a longer time.

Treating lower back pain with an abhyanga procedure followed by a Kativasti session delivers the most rejuvenating and satisfying health results. At Global Ayurvedic Centre, these treatments are provided by the best doctors by following authentic ayurvedic traditions. For the session, authentic ayurvedic lower back pain massage oil is selected and it may vary depending on the person’s dosha. The benefits of oil massage on the body and mind are worth a lifetime. When it comes to pricing, all the treatments provided at Global Ayurvedic Centre are affordable for all types of customers. Also, the patient’s health is our first priority when administering our ayurvedic treatments.

Therapy Benefits

Therapy Suggested For

Total Duration

75 Minutes / Session


As Decided By Doctor


Based On Appointment


S$ 75 / Session