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POSTNATAL THERAPY, Regain the normal condition of the mother after delivery with the combination of ayurvedic therapies. It also removes the toxic accumulation in the traditional way. Get an authentic postnatal therapy from the best ayurvedic Kerala Natural Health Care clinic in Singapore. Our clinic, Global Ayurvedic Centre provides the best quality and authentic health care for the mother and the newborn. Being a reputed Ayurveda Health Care clinic, our therapy is ideal for all the women who have given or are going to give birth, require physical and emotional support and those suffering from postpartum depression and more. Our therapy involves restoring the physical and emotional strength of the mother by following a balanced diet with periodic massages in time. This in turn helps restore pelvic muscle strength, reduce stress, and relieve neck and back pains. The ayurvedic procedure will take place under the supervision of our Ayurvedic experts.


A woman is at her most vulnerable physically and emotionally during and after giving birth. At Global Ayurvedic Centre, our postnatal Kerala Natural Health Care therapy helps mothers regain all their lost energy and balances the doshas. After delivery, the woman’s body undergoes a dramatic change in which the now vacant space in the uterus gets filled with vata which can cause serious issues if left unchecked. Our effective therapy not only balances the dosha but also ensures a healthy and well-figured body. Our Ayurveda Health Care involves body massages or Abhyanga sessions that will help rejuvenate her mind and body.

Being a mother is the most important phase in a woman’s life. This is the time when she and her newborn needs the right care at the best Kerala Natural Health Care centre. At Global Ayurvedic Centre, our doctors provide natural postnatal Ayurveda Health Care that helps mothers regain their drained energy and strength. The various massage and deep cleansing therapy are provided with extreme caution to avoid discomfort for the mother. One of the most important therapy we provide is abhyangam as it has numerous benefits in restoring health. The benefits include relieval of post delivery pain, increased blood circulation, minimizes stress and more

Therapy Benefits

Therapy Suggested For

Total Duration

40 Minutes / Session

Prescribed as

3 Sessions / 6 Sessions / 9 Sessions by Doctor

Stamp Card Price

Save effectively - S$345 for 9 sessions

The total price is effective when you complete the total no.of sessions. Stamp Card Price payment has to be made for each session individually.