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GAC SPECIAL THERAPY, Rhemavedic Abhyanga, Herbal Poultice, and Shirodhara have done continuously one after another creating a deep relaxation for both body, mind, senses, and soul. Opting for a quality ayurvedic massage therapy from a reputed clinic like Global Ayurvedic Centre has a lot of benefits for the body and the mind. The therapy involves performing the session by applying lukewarm medicated ayurvedic oils to various areas of the body and gently stroking the body which results in the oil getting absorbed into the skin. When it comes to massage, we provide different ayurvedic massage types to patient’s and they are all priced at reasonable costs. Being the reputed clinic in Singapore, our massage sessions have provided long-term health benefits to various customers in the long run.


Customers are switching to ayurvedic massage therapy for improving their health and well-being naturally. At Global Ayurvedic Centre, the various therapies and procedures that are administered to the patients by our doctors work on the root cause of the problem and promote effective healing. When it comes to ayurvedic massage types, there are massages done for the head and body, and determining the right one depends on the severity of the patient’s illness and their health conditions. In some cases, we provide special ayurvedic remedies that involve administering a particular ayurvedic therapy which is followed by a warm massage session.

One of the most preferred therapies at Global Ayurvedic Centre is our natural ayurvedic massage therapy for relieving issues such as body pain, muscle stiffness, joint pains, and related issues. However, even though the administering of the therapy is the same and is done by our experienced doctors, the ayurvedic medications and the duration of the session vary based on the dosha type of the person and severity of the issue. There are special ayurvedic massage types available at our clinic that can be availed by customers and even though the pricing for these remedies might be different, they are all affordable for all customers.


Getting a special ayurvedic massage therapy will help you to relieve all your stress and make your mind relaxed. Along with this the issues related to your muscles, joints and body will be addressed. A package of three massages performed one after another is capable of rejuvenating your body tissues and improving blood circulation. A complete stimulation of your nervous system will be achieved by massaging the marma points. Therapy performed by experts in Global Ayurvedic Centre are capable of rewarding a total refreshment for your life.


You may be unable to change the situation that you are dealing with. But you can definitely improve your health if you really desire it. For tasting the long-run benefits of a healthy life, it is recommended to spare some time with us. Special ayurvedic massage therapy provided by experts in the Global ayurvedic center are capable of solving your health-related issues by sticking to the traditional Indian methods. Get in touch with us immediately and enjoy a happy life.

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