Healing Ayurveda Treatment

KASHAYADHARAApplying Ayurvedic herbal oil to stimulate the nerve endings, which is followed by dripping of herbal decoction on the forehead or body for 30 minutes. Kashayadhara is one of the most important healing Ayurveda remedies known for its effective healing properties on the body and mind. Although similar to other procedures such as Shirodhara, Takradhara, and Ksheeradhara, it comes with a few differences. The therapy involves pouring a specially prepared Ayurvedic herbal decoction onto the forehead of the patient. The oil and types of herbs chosen for the therapy are selected based on the patient’s health conditions, body type, and other factors. At Global Ayurvedic Centre, we provide therapy in the right way that relieves the patient’s ailments such as stress, fatigue, anxiety, and related issues, and makes them feel completely satisfied. Kashayadhara is considered an effective Ayurvedic remedy for skin and hair fall issues.

Benefits Of Herbal Decoction Dripping As Healing Ayurveda Therapy

Stress, anxiety, and skin issues are the most common problems that occur to all customers irrespective of age. The need for relieving these symptoms naturally through healing Ayurveda therapies is what brings them to Global Ayurvedic Centre. We only provide the therapy after determining whether it suits the patient’s health condition, and body type and use the appropriate ingredients for making the herbal decoction needed for the pouring process. When it comes to ayurvedic remedies for skin, Kashayadhara is an ideal remedy our qualified doctors administer. Even though the therapy has effective results, it is not normally recommended if the patient has any existing health conditions such as cold or sinusitis.

There is a variety of healing Ayurveda remedies available at the Global Ayurvedic Centre. When it comes to problems such as stress, and panic attacks, our Kashayadhara therapy is the best option and is an ideal ayurvedic remedy for skin issues too. Kashayadhara can be considered a variant of the Shirodhara therapy because of the similar way of therapy however, instead of oil, a herbal decoction is used for the pouring onto the patient’s forehead. At Global Ayurvedic Centre, our doctors make sure that the therapy is correctly done and that the patient experiences no discomfort at any time. To get the best results, our doctors recommend leading a healthy lifestyle along with opting for our procedures.

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