Greeva Vasti Treatment

GREEVA VASTI, Massaging the neck and shoulders using Ayurvedic herbal oil followed by herbal poultice and a special tank of dough is made in the cervical region, which is then filled with herbal oil for 20 minutes. Global Ayurvedic Centre’s authentic Greeva Vasti Therapy is the best natural solution for recurring neck pains and other issues. The therapy involves pouring warm medicated oil onto a container fixed at the spot where the discomfort occurs. The therapy is followed by an Abhyangam massage session which further provides relief to the affected area. Being a well-reputed clinic known for its exceptional health care services, Global Ayurvedic Centre is the preferred choice for customers to avail of ayurvedic services. Greeva Vasti Benefits the body by relieving pain and stiffness in the neck region, improving mobility and blood supply, and more.


Lack of exercise, sedentary lifestyle, and injuries can cause neck pain in people which can worsen over time if ignored. However, in Ayurveda opting for a Greeva Vasti Therapy is the safest and most affordable option to get healed naturally. The medicated oils used for the therapy have specific healing properties that help strengthen muscles and tissues, lower the risk of conditions such as cervical spondylitis, and muscle strain, improve immunity, and lubricate joints thereby making them flexible. Global Ayurvedic Centre’s Greeva Vasti Benefits the back, neck and shoulder regions. The therapy is ideal for customers who spend the majority of the time sitting or with less body movements thereby resulting in muscle pain and stiffness.
The Greeva Vasti procedure is primarily done to provide long-lasting and natural relief from pains in the neck region. What makes our Greeva Vasti Therapy the best among other clinics is that the patient gets all the details and benefits of the procedure from our team of doctors before it even begins. This helps build a level of trust between the patient and the doctor that proves beneficial in the long run. After that, it is followed by an abhyanga session that makes the body more responsive to further remedies. Opting for a Greeva Vasti Benefits the neck and other body regions and results in better immunity.


Getting a Greeva vasti therapy will be an ideal solution for people who suffer from severe neck pain. Our team composed of specialist therapists will pay special attention to strengthening the muscles and tissues of the neck region. This therapy is recommended to be performed in the morning as that is when the stiffness and pain of the neck region will be predominant. The whole procedure will take 45 minutes. Properly selecting medicated herbal oils will help improve your blood circulation. The oil for the therapy is picked only after determining the dosha imbalance of the patient.


Neck pain is a common but painful condition in this modern day. Working on computers for long hours, wrong sleeping posture and a lot more reasons contribute to this . Despite the causes, it’s a dream for a lot to get relief from this situation. Greeva vasti ayurvedic therapy is the most ideal and affordable remedy for this issue. Service provided by experts in the Global ayurvedic center can promise you a healthy and happy life. Please contact us immediately and fix an appointment today itself.

Total Duration

45 Minutes / Session

Prescribed as

3 Sessions / 6 Sessions / 9 Sessions by Doctor

Stamp Card Price

Save effectively - S$435 for 9 sessions

The total price is effective when you complete the total no.of sessions. Stamp Card Price payment has to be made for each session individually.