Nasya Ayurveda Treatment

NASYAM is one of the purificatory therapy to remove toxins accumulated in the respiratory organs through instilling herbal drops via the nose followed pre and post-massage in the head, face, and neck region with herbal oil and steam. Nasal problems can cause long term difficulties in breathing, respiratory problems and affect the quality of life. Therefore, getting an authentic Nasya Ayurveda Treatment from Global Ayurvedic Centre helps steer clear of such issues. Our clinic is considered one of the finest in Singapore for its quality ayurvedic treatments and health procedures. Apart from clearing nasal problems, the Nasya treatment is also applicable for other issues such as migraine, frozen shoulders, headaches, sinusitis and more. When it comes to pricing, our Nasyam Treatment Cost is affordable for all customers which makes it a valuable treatment worth considering for improving health


A Nasyam is often considered a powerful treatment in Ayurveda for clearing nasal problems. The Nasya Ayurveda Treatment involves administering medicated oils into the nasal passages. The result is the effective removal of the toxins from the nose cavities, ear, and throat and better immunity. At Global Ayurvedic Centre, we provide our customers with the best quality and authentic treatment and our Nasyam Treatment Cost is totally affordable to all. Like all our procedures, the Nasyam treatment begins with a gentle massage session. This is done to make the patient relaxed and make the body susceptive to our medications and further treatments
Nasyam is one of the important treatments that have to be done with extreme care and caution by trained doctors. The procedure is best done at Global Ayurvedic Centre. Although the Nasya Ayurveda Treatment involves pouring medicated ayurvedic oil into the nasal cavity, it is not easy as it seems. The treatment must be done in a precise manner to become effective. Compared to other ayurvedic clinics’ Nasyam Treatment Cost, we provide all our treatments and therapies at reasonable prices because our aim is to make sure that all customers get to avail of our treatments to lead a healthy life.


Nasyam is an ideal method to improve your respiratory disorders. At the same time, extreme cautiousness has to be assigned in order to avoid the risk factor involved. With the experience and expertise for years, this won’t be a challenge for our therapist. Nasya Ayurveda therapy service delivered by Global ayurvedic centre can help to improve your breathing problems. Through the application of herbal drops via a nasal path, accumulated toxins in the respiratory organs will be addressed. The total duration of the treatment is 40 minutes.


Positive outcomes of Nasya treatment are countless. If carried out properly, it can bring relief to your respiratory problems. At the same time, small negligence can lead to a complicated situation. Nasya ayurvedic treatment provided by Global Ayurvedic Centre helps you to keep a distance from breathing problems. Along with that, it will help to improve your overall life quality. Please feel free to reach us.