Januvasti Treatment

Global Ayurvedic Centre’s pain-reducing Januvasti Treatment has proven huge benefits in terms of improving the health of the knee of various patient’s over the years. In this treatment, a special container made from black gram flour is placed on the knee onto which lukewarm medicated oil is poured and held for some time until it becomes cool. The Benefits of Januvasti treatment include increased knee strength, reduced joint pain and osteoarthritis. Apart from that, the treatment is also beneficial for healing knee injuries, sprains and sport-related injuries. Our clinic is known for its quality services which makes it a wise choice to opt for this treatment & get long-lasting relief.


Knee pains can cause severe pain, affect mobility and quality of life. By opting for a Januvasti Treatment at Global Ayurvedic Centre, these issues can be cleared naturally. The treatment begins with an ayurvedic massage that makes the body relax and makes it easier for the medications to work. Also, the ayurvedic oils and medications used for the treatment are selected based on the patient’s body type, existing health conditions. This is important because administering the wrong medicine to balance a different dosha will not prove beneficial. The benefits of Januvasti treatment help lubricate joints, relieves pain and inflammation, improves blood circulation, mobility, muscle strength, and more.

Januvasti is derived from the words “janu” meaning knees and “vasti” meaning retaining the liquid. The Januvasti Treatment is considered Global Ayurvedic Centre’s one of the most effective procedures for relieving knee pains and inflammation of joints. Many customers who suffer from knee problems choose our clinic to get better healing and the  natural Benefits of Januvasti treatment. Before the procedure is done, our doctors give the patient a detailed explanation about the treatment and how it will help them lead a healthy life. This helps build a trusted bond between the patient and the doctor. In this busy lifestyle where several factors can trigger these issues, getting a Januvasti treatment is an ideal choice to stay healthy.

Therapy Suggested For

Total Duration

45 Minutes / Session


As Decided By Doctor


Based On Appointment


S$ 55 / Session