abhyangam treatment

RHEUMAVEDIC ABHYANGA, Head, face, and neck massage using different types of Ayurvedic herbal oil for the head, face, and neck respectively, followed by herbal poultice on the neck prepared with healing herbs. People are now choosing authentic Shiro Abhyangam therapy to get natural and long-lasting relief from various ailments such as stress, headaches, migraines, neck & back pains, etc. Unlike other forms of medicines, Ayurveda therapies are not administered for the body but for the mind too. Also, the ingredients for these remedies are all-natural materials such as seeds, herbs, essential oils, and more. Global Ayurvedic Centre offers different ayurvedic massage types that cater to different ailments and a person’s body type. Getting a Shiro abhyanga with poultice therapy from our clinic greatly improves the person’s overall well being, makes their mind and body calm


Shiro abhyanga with poultice therapy is best provided by qualified doctors at Global Ayurvedic Centre. The affordable ayurvedic session involves administering a Shiro abhyangam therapy to the head and is followed by a poultice massage that promotes effective healing from the inside out. Getting this therapy helps relieve body pain, improves blood circulation, and strengthens muscles. There are various ayurvedic massage types available at our clinic which customers can choose to avail of an authentic ayurvedic experience. However, our doctors determine if the procedure is right for your body by identifying the dosha imbalance and existing health conditions and gives the patient an overall understanding of the therapy.

Global Ayurvedic Centre is best known in Singapore since 2004 for providing quality and effective abhyangam therapy and its several variants such as Shiroabhyanga with poultice therapy. Ayurvedic remedies are known to provide even better results when it is combined with other related therapies. Here the Shiroabhyanga procedure is one of the ayurvedic massage types specifically for relieving headaches, stress and better blood circulation, and more. Following this therapy with an ayurvedic poultice massage helps further boost immunity and promotes detoxification naturally. Our doctors recommend leading an active lifestyle along with opting for the best ayurvedic remedies on a periodic basis for gaining long-term health benefits.

Therapy Benefits

Therapy Suggested For

Total Duration

35 Minutes / Session

Prescribed as

5 Sessions / 10 Sessions by Doctor

Stamp Card Price

Save effectively - S$405 for 10 sessions

The total price is effective when you complete the total no.of sessions. Stamp Card Price payment has to be made for each session individually.