Abhyangam Full Body Massage
Abhyanga, Massaging the body with herbal oil suitable for body types and ailments. Abhyangam full body massage can boost your overall health. In Ayurveda, massage therapies are proven to provide natural relief to patients suffering from body pain and other illnesses by strengthening their muscles, improving blood circulation and mobility. Global Ayurvedic Centre is one of the recognized ayurvedic clinics in Singapore for its efficient health services, therefore, choosing our affordable abhyanga therapy is the best way to rejuvenate your mind and body without worrying about getting side effects. To deliver the services the right way they are done by our qualified doctors and therapists who clearly understand the patient’s health conditions and apply the procedure accordingly.

Benefiting From Abhyangam Full Body Massage

An Abhyangam or ayurvedic massage is one of the most important and popular treatments in Ayurveda. Getting an abhyanga full body massage therapy at Global Ayurvedic Centre is the best way to balance the doshas, make the body and mind relaxed, and more responsive to further medications. Our abhyanga therapy is usually given either as a single session or combined with another ayurvedic treatment depending on the patient’s ailment and health conditions. The therapy involves using authentic ayurvedic oils prepared using the right herbs and natural ingredients. To get the best results, it is recommended to opt for our treatments coupled with leading an ayurvedic lifestyle.

Therapy Benefits

Therapy Suggested For

Any treatment will be prescribed only after a detailed clinical investigation by our physician about the patient’s medical and lifestyle history.

50 Minutes / Session


As Decided By Doctor


Based On Appointment


S$ 55 / Session