herbal steam bath

RHEUMAVEDIC ABHYANGA WITH STEAM, Body massage with Ayurvedic herbal oil suitable for the body types and ailments followed by a massage with a hot herbal poultice prepared with healing herbs. This will be followed by a steam bath using special equipment. Opting for an authentic herbal steam bath along with an ayurvedic massage is the best natural way to rejuvenate your body and mind. Global Ayurvedic Centre is known for its excellent healthcare therapies that involve the application of combined Ayurvedic therapies. An Abhyanga massage essentially warms up and provides relaxation, which in turn makes the body more responsive to the ayurvedic steam bath. The benefits of opting for a rheumavedic Abhyanga with steam therapy essentially provide the perks of two therapies in one session. The benefits include the removal of toxins and impurities from the skin and body, improved skin tone, clear nasal problems, stress, and more


A herbal steam bath therapy is one of the best ayurvedic procedures that can be included with other therapies because of its effective cleansing and detoxification process on the body. Global Ayurvedic Centre provides the best herbal steam bath therapies that ensure a complete healing experience for your body and mind. The ayurvedic steam bath procedures are determined by our doctors depending on the patient’s health conditions. In this hectic lifestyle where people are exposed to pollutant causing factors, opting for a herbal steam bath is a great way to remove toxins from the body and improve skin and overall health through natural means


Our service is a natural way for rejuvenating your body and mind. An abhyanga followed by an ayurvedic steam bath will detoxify your body from pollutants and impurities. The steam box will be infused with the appropriate amount of medicinal herbs according to the level of your dosha imbalance. The duration of the process is around 55 minutes. Therapy delivered by Global Ayurvedic Centre is focused on driving the herbal content deep into your tissues and cleansing your skin inside out. The steam bath guided by experts will make you sweat and intoxicate your body. Along with this, an overall improvement of your health is also promised.


The benefits of the steam bath are countless and a lot of organizations are providing this service. Then why should you choose us? The Global Ayurvedic Center is providing a combined service by incorporating body massage with a steam bath through our rheumavedic abhyanga herbal steam bath program. This is something that makes us unique which can nourish our mind and body. We are committed to providing you with a balanced state of mind and well-being. Contact us immediately for further details.

Therapy Benefits

Therapy Suggested For

Total Duration

55 Minutes / Session

Prescribed as

5 Sessions / 10 Sessions by Doctor

Stamp Card Price

Save effectively - S$630 for 10 sessions

The total price is effective when you complete the total no.of sessions. Stamp Card Price payment has to be made for each session individually.