Kati Vasti Ayurvedic Treatment

Getting a Kati Vasti Ayurvedic Treatment helps provide significant relief from lower back pain. Similar to Greeva vasti, the application involves pouring warm medicated oil which is held for about 30-40 minutes in a makeshift container fixed on the affected lower back area. The container is usually made using special grains or wheat. Opting for this treatment, Kati Vasti Benefits those people suffering from long-term lower back pains, intervertebral disc prolapses, lumbar spondylosis, sciatica, etc. The treatment also provides patients relief from pain caused due to Osteoarthritis. Customers can avail of this treatment by booking an appointment at our clinic


What makes the Kati Vasti Ayurvedic Treatment at Global Ayurvedic Centre tThe word Kati vasti is derived from Sanskrit in which “Kati” means lower back and “vasti” means liquid retention i.e hence the treatment. Kati Vasti Ayurvedic Treatment is considered an effective Ayurvedic procedure for relieving lower back pains naturally. To ensure that the treatment is done correctly, it is done by experienced staff using the right medication oils and herbs. The container for the treatment is strong enough to hold the poured oil in it for a definite time. Like other ayurvedic procedures, Kati Vasti Benefits when it is followed by maintaining an ayurvedic lifestyle, a healthier diet, and more.What makes the Kati Vasti Ayurvedic Treatment at Global Ayurvedic Centre the best is because of its effectiveness, affordability, and how they are administered correctly by our highly qualified doctors. When it comes to the treatment, the patient receives all details and Kati Vasti Benefits beforehand. This creates mutual trust between the patient and the doctor and helps greatly with the treatment. The ayurvedic oil and herbs for the treatment are decided based on the patient’s body type, age, health conditions, etc. Once the warm oil is poured, it penetrates deep into the skin and promotes healing from the inside.


Receiving a kati vasti ayurvedic massage can provide you relief from lower back pain. Service provided by Global Ayurvedic Centre will help to reinforce your lost life balance. Through the application of selected herbal oil, the pain and inflammation of the lower back region will be addressed. The gentle massage given after the procedure will improve the blood circulation. The total duration of treatment is 45 minutes. Along with a relaxation from joint pain, your overall well being will be also enhanced


You don’t need to give a second thought to contact us, if you are suffering from severe back pain or any related issue. Our kati vasti ayurvedic therapy is capable of providing relief and rewarding you with a healthy life. The medications for the treatment will be selected only after the examination of the patient and by determining the dosha imbalance. Proper counselling sessions will be given to prepare the patient for treatment. For all the people who wish to lead an energetic and happy life, Global ayurvedic center will be a blessing.Get in touch with us today itself.