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RHEUMAVEDIC ABHYANGA, Ayurveda is one of the oldest alternate medicine systems of natural healing for all diseases and skin problems.Improve your skin health and get a glowing appearance with the best Ayurveda herbal treatment from Global Ayurvedic Centre. For years, our doctors have been providing the best quality and organic herbal beauty care services to all those people looking to achieve a natural beauty look without worrying about getting any side effects. The herbal packs for the facial treatment are made using authentic ayurvedic materials such as floral essences, essential oils, honey, fruits, natural herbs and more. Our clinic is the best Ayurveda treatment center for availing world-class health care and beauty care services at the most affordable prices


Ayurvedic face packs are becoming more preferred among people of all groups thanks to the popularity of Ayurveda, the natural materials used, safety and healing properties it guarantees for the price. Customers can now look and achieve a glowing face with the best Ayurveda herbal treatment at Global Ayurvedic Centre. Being a well-known Ayurveda treatment center, our affordable herbal face packs involve administering specially prepared herbal mix on the patient’s face and cleaning it after some time. Opting for this procedure is a great way to remove impurities from skin, dead skin cells and thereby improving glow and skin health.

The primary purpose of a herbal facepack is to remove impurities and improve overall appearance, and skin health. All these factors can be achieved naturally with an authentic Ayurveda herbal treatment from Global Ayurvedic Centre. Being one of the best ayurvedic clinics in Singapore since 2004, our qualified doctors have provided the best quality herbal face pack treatments that have successfully helped people improve their skin health naturally. As the skin is the one of the organs in the body that gets exposed to factors such as pollutants, dust, dirt, opting the natural face packs from a reputed Ayurveda treatment center is the best way to care for your skin and health.

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30 Minutes / Session


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S$ 25 / Session