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Improve your skin health and get a glowing appearance with the best Ayurveda herbal treatment from Global Ayurvedic Centre. For years, our doctors have been providing the best quality and organic herbal beauty care services to all those people looking to achieve a natural beauty look without worrying about getting any side effects. The herbal packs for the facial treatment are made using authentic ayurvedic materials such as floral essences, essential oils, honey, fruits, natural herbs and more. Our clinic is the best Ayurveda treatment centre for availing world-class health care and beauty care services at the most affordable prices


Ayurvedic face packs are becoming more preferred among people of all groups thanks to the popularity of Ayurveda, the natural materials used, safety and healing properties it guarantees for the price. Customers can now look and achieve a glowing face with the best Ayurveda herbal treatment at Global Ayurvedic Centre. Being a well-known Ayurveda treatment centre, our affordable herbal face packs involve administering specially prepared herbal mix on the patient’s face and cleaning it after some time. Opting for this procedure is a great way to remove impurities from skin, dead skin cells and thereby improving glow and skin health.
The primary purpose of a herbal face pack is to remove impurities and improve overall appearance, and skin health. All these factors can be achieved naturally with an authentic Ayurveda herbal treatment from Global Ayurvedic Centre. Being one of the best ayurvedic clinics in Singapore since 2004, our qualified doctors have provided the best quality herbal face pack treatments that have successfully helped people improve their skin health naturally. As the skin is one of the organs in the body that gets exposed to factors such as pollutants, dust, dirt, opting the natural face packs from a reputed Ayurveda treatment centre is the best way to care for your skin and health.

Benefits of Herbal masks in Ayurveda

The face is one of the most fundamental parts of the body for self-recognition and it is undoubtedly the first thing we notice in other people. Ayurveda gives importance to skincare and we have the best Ayurveda herbal face masks and other remedies that include facials, face masks, and herbal methods for improvement. All these methods are introduced for the proper care of skin issues, like acne, eczema, dryness, redness, and sunburns.it is better to avoid chemicals and synthetic-based skincare products and opt for natural remedies for the best results and it has zero side effects. we are one of the leading Ayurvedic herbal centers that provide herbal face masks.

Face packs on acne

Aloe vera and Turmeric face pack

The combination of aloe vera gel and turmeric can work wonders for your skin, aloe vera is wild thick, serrated leaves. The gel inside aloe vera leaves is used to treat acne. aloe vera has an antibacterial effect that works magic in treating acne. turmeric has anti-inflammation properties on acne and helps clear pores in the skins

Fenugreek Face pack

Fenugreek is rich in vitamin c and helps in giving a natural glow to the skin
Face packs for blackheads Fenugreek is considered as one of the best ingredients of an ideal ayurvedic herbal face masks

Honey and Milk face pack

Honey is excellent in maintaining skin ph and breakouts and rashes.
Milk reduces the fine lines and wrinkles in the face and increases skin tone.

Coriander leaves and Turmeric powder face pack

Coriander is extremely rich in folate, antioxidants, vitamin C and beta-carotene, they also act as a great detoxifier.

Face pack for scars

Neem face pack

Neem boosts collagen production and produce a protein called elastin and lighten scars.
Face pack for anti-ageing, we make our herbal mask under certified and experienced personnel only.

Moringa face pack

Moringa deeply rejuvenates the skin and it helps in the prevention of skin damage, that’s why moringa is highly recommended for antiageing face packs worldwide.
We are happy to say that we provide all our ayurvedic herbal face packs to our people with genuine care and regular testing and that’s why we are able to see improved results in our clients.

Therapy Benefits

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The total price is effective when you complete the total no.of sessions. Stamp Card Price payment has to be made for each session individually.

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