shirodhara therapy

KSHEERADHARA, Massaging around the eyes using floral and fruit extract oil followed by herbal pack.Global Ayurvedic Centre’s shirodhara therapy is known for its exceptional healing properties for a variety of ailments such as headaches, dark circles under eye, stress and more. The therapy is highly beneficial for people with Vata/Pitta imbalances. The treatment involves pouring ayurvedic medicated oil on to the patient’s forehead in a continuous manner, which gets absorbed by the skin and promotes healing. Getting a shirodhara massage benefits the patient’s body and mind, improves blood circulation, reduces excessive hair loss, relieves headaches, tension and more. Choosing our clinic is the best way to get natural and authentic ayurvedic treatments to lead a healthy life


Dark circles under eyes can arise from several factors such as stress, fatigue, irregular sleeping patterns and more. These issues are a result of dosha imbalance in our body and the best way to balance them is to avail natural ayurvedic treatments from our clinic. At Global Ayurvedic Centre, our shirodhara therapy is considered the best solution for clearing issues such as dark circles, stress and more. Normally, our treatment works better as a combination of ayurvedic medications and following a healthy diet and lifestyle. Our doctors determine the right treatment only after identifying the patient’s health conditions and body type as they are unique to each individual.

At Global Ayurvedic Centre, the shirodhara therapy is provided the right way by our experienced doctors that helps the patient relieve various issues and in turn, improve their overall health naturally. We only perform the treatment once our doctors have determined the appropriate ayurvedic treatment based on the patient’s medical conditions and explaining them about the treatment and how it will benefit their body. This in turn forms a trust between the patient and doctor which further helps with the procedure. Global Ayurvedic Centre’s shirodhara massage benefits include better immunity and well being, lower risk of getting diseases and helps live longer.

Therapy Benefits

Therapy Suggested For

Total Duration

30 Minutes / Session


As Decided By Doctor


Based On Appointment


S$ 35 / Session