best ayurvedic treatment for hair loss

SCALP SCRUB FOR HAR GROWTH, Massaging the scalp with herbal oil followed by scrubbing with herbal powder with extracted juice from special herbs to open the blocked follicles. Control hair loss with Global Ayurvedic Centre’s best ayurvedic treatment for hair loss. Several factors such as genetics, stress, unhealthy lifestyle can affect scalp health which in turn result in hair loss, thinning, premature greying and more. With Ayurveda, applying the right hair fall control ayurvedic treatment that involves a scalp scrub procedure followed by a balanced dietary habit, warm massage, etc can help improve scalp health and in turn boost hair growth. As the treatments provided by our clinic are authentic and natural, there will not be any side effects of our treatments. Book a consultation session to know more.


Natural hair fall control ayurvedic treatment

People affected with hair loss try many procedures in the hopes of regrowing lost hair but it may not always work and may come with side effects. However, some of the best ayurvedic treatments for hair loss are in Ayurveda and are considered safe and natural. The treatments provided at our clinic identifies the root cause of the problem which is specifically a dosha imbalance and focuses on balancing them. Our natural scalp scrub sessions given by our doctors exfoliate the scalp thereby removing dead skin cells, and improves scalp health. Global Ayurvedic Centre’s hair fall control ayurvedic treatment is a combination of ayurvedic medication, massage therapies and maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Maintaining scalp health is important for better hair growth and preventing various scalp issues in the long-run. An unhealthy scalp causes hair fall, dryness, flaking and more. When it comes to preventing hair loss, the best ayurvedic treatment for hair loss is provided the right way is at Global Ayurvedic Centre. Our treatments involve administering the right ayurvedic medications that are selected based on the patient’s dosha type and is followed by a natural massage that helps the patient relax and promotes faster healing. With Global Ayurvedic’s innovative scalp scrub and hair fall control ayurvedic treatment, the customer gets a rejuvenating ayurvedic experience. 


Therapy Suggested For

Total Duration

40 Minutes / Session


As Decided By Doctor


Based On Appointment


S$ 50 / Session