Rheumavedic Abhyanga With Kativasti for Back pain  

 Rheumavedic Abhyanga With Kativasti for Back pain  

From serious injuries and lack of regular exercise to improper lifting and long working hours, several things can contribute to back pain. Strain and obesity can exacerbate the pain. Regardless of age, people across the globe are affected by back pain. For those who want an effective solution for back pain, the wisdom of Ayurveda offers a ray of hope. 

If you are in search of a solution to your persistent problem of back pain, your search ends here. Try Global Ayurvedic Centre’s Rheumavedic Abhyanga With Kativasti to get relief from the painful back and improve the efficiency and quality of your daily life. This therapy is a potent combination of Abhyanga and Kativasti specifically designed to provide long-lasting relief from back pain.

Ayurvedic therapy for Back pain

Before starting Ayurvedic Therapy for Back Pain, it is essential to understand the reason behind it. According to Ayurveda, back pain can result from the imbalance in doshas. There are three kinds of doshas; Vata dosha, Kapha dosha, and Pitta dosha.

Ayurvedic Therapy for Back Pain

An imbalance in Vata dosha is the main cause of back pain. It may lead to pain that moves around the body from one point to another for no apparent reason. It may cause throbbing and extreme pain.Vata dosha imbalance may also produce a feeling of stiffness and instability. This occurs mainly due to stress and anxiety, travel, overuse of muscles, cold or dry weather, excessive fasting, injuries on key points of the body and exhaustion. A variation in Pitta dosha leads to a burning sensation and piercing pain. This is associated with inflammation, extreme anger, shock and heat in the affected body part. Kapha dosha vitiation leads to stiffness, heaviness, congestion, persistent pain or aches. Being overweight, lack of exercise, and suppressed emotions can lead to this. 

One single remedy is not enough to permanently address the issue of back pain. Ayurveda employs an amalgamation of herbal remedies, massages, external applications and modifications in lifestyle to harmonize the body’s equilibrium while enhancing the strength of muscles and bones. A combination of these remedies not only gives relief from symptoms but also treats the root cause of the issue. To alleviate the back pain once and for all a combination of a few therapies is required to be administered. Abhyanga and Kativasti are two such Ayurvedic therapies that are highly effective. That’s why the Global Ayurvedic Centre has come up with a specific therapy “Rheumavedic Abhyanga With Kativasti“ which is a combination of both. 

Understanding Back Pain Therapy offered by Global Ayurvedic Centre

Back pain not only causes great discomfort but can also significantly impact the quality of life. Rheumavedic Abhyanga along with Kativasti is a specialized treatment offered by the Global Ayurvedic Centre to help with this. In this procedure, a body massage with medicated oil according to the individual constitution and health condition is followed by a massage with a hot herbal poultice made with therapeutic herbs. Further, this will be followed by Kativasti, wherein a circular or oval-shaped dough is kept on the lower back region filled with herbal oil for almost 20 minutes. 

Kativasti Ayurvedic Therapy

Administering your back with abhyanga along with a Kativasti session can help deliver maximum health benefits. Abhyanga refers to an Ayurvedic warm oil massage. Oil is the most important component of the Abhyanga procedure. It is usually combined with long, sweeping massage strokes. As the skin is the largest organ of the body and acts as a protective layer, Abhyangam helps in nourishing and strengthening our bodies through the pores. Abhyangam when coupled with Kativasti can make a great difference in back pain.

In Kativasti the therapist will create a dam of gram flour dough and pour warm medicated oil inside it. The dough frame will retain the oil for a few minutes. Once the oil gets cooled, the frame is removed and the oil is rubbed on the lower back.Kativasti strengthens the kati pradesha or waist region of the body. The back muscles, spine and nerves are revitalized, reducing stiffness, pain, and rigidity in the back region and enhancing the flow of blood With their back to the massage table, the receiver lies down.

Benefits of the Rheumavedic Abhyanga With Kativasti Ayurvedic Therapy

There are several benefits associated with this therapy. A few of them include:

      • Improves the flow of blood

      • Tones skin, muscles, and nerves

      • Moisturises and smoothens joints

      • Helps with inflammation

      • Relieves joint and muscular pain

      • Promotes relaxation to both mind and body

    Indications of the Therapy

    Conditions that this therapy can be used for include:Ayurvedic Therapy for back pain


        • Body Stiffness

        • Slip Disc

        • Sciatica

        • Muscle Cramps

        • Lumbar Spondylosis

        • Painful Joints Associated with Back Pain

      Why Choose Global Ayurvedic Centre for KatiVasti Ayurvedic Treatment 

      At Global Ayurvedic Centre, our skilled masseurs and therapists administer a soothing abhyanga session to induce relaxation in the patient’s body. This is further complemented by a highly effective Kativasti Ayurvedic treatment which aids in the efficient elimination of toxins from the system. We select the oils and herbs used according to your constitution and concerns after consultation with our physicians.Though the therapy itself provides invaluable benefits to both body and mind, we offer suggestions related to diet and active lifestyle to enhance the benefits and maintain the benefits long-lasting. Our patient’s health is our priority. 

      Our Ayurvedic practitioners, with intense knowledge and experience in Ayurvedic principles and therapies, help you provide customized therapies for your specific concerns. We aim to offer ayurvedic therapies for all kinds of health conditions people suffer from. So, we provide therapies at the most affordable and reasonable prices. 

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